Oil Can Harry's


Our history is a product of the very community that made it possible...

Oil Can Harry'sEstablished in 1968, our customers as well as the dance floor have witnessed 52 amazing years of great times, laughter, triumphs, a little sorrow, love, generosity, compassion, plenty of birthdays, lots of dancing and tons of entertainment.

Oil Can Harry's has proudly hosted or partnered with the Wranglers, LA Rodeo, LA Band of Brothers, Silverstreak Softball, Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Gay Men's Choir, The Troupers, The Flos, Martha Wash, Christopher St. West/LA Pride, Valley Pride and countless other organizations and entertainers because we are grateful to you for 52 amazing years. Throughout the years Oil Can Harry's has been many things to its customers, but most importantly a place they can call their own regardless if its country/western, disco, leather, rodeo or other there's plenty of room in the can.

In 1999, a scene from the movie Happy, Texas was filmed at Oil Can's. The actors cast were talented, however, they were no match for Oil Can's seasoned regulars who stole the scene. Looking back on 52 years is overwhelming. We have shared so much joy with "our regulars... they've become family".

The folks at Oil Can Harry's hope that you look back and share fond memories with us and look forward to creating even more amazing ones. We haven't done it all...just yet. But we intend to try!

Please visit the Videos gallery for glimpses of yesterday's memories and the Special Events page for a sample of what's coming.

Thank you for 52 years of pride and joy!

Oil Can Harry's